Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga has countless benefits which touch all aspects of life – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Practising yoga can help with building resilience, fitness, strength, mobility, flexibility, injury prevention (and recovery), breath regulation, connecting with body, finding peace and stillness, sleeping better…the benefits are endless! Additionally, if you are pregnant, my pregnancy yoga can help strengthen the body and prepare it for birth If you want to know more, or have a specific issue you want to discuss, get in touch!

I really want to try yoga, but I feel intimidated to try it. Can you help?

Yes – this is really one of the foundations of Elements Yoga. I understand that some people are intimidated by big classes, or the pressure of a set programme, or sequences. I can promise you that you will not experience this with Elements Yoga – everything is tailored just for you, exactly where you are right now. Options, adjustments, and modifications are available in all group classes, and my goal is to give you the skills to practice yoga with confidence.

What style of yoga do you teach?

My training is based on the Iyengar lineage of yoga, which means I predominantly have an ashtanga/vinyasa style background, with a strong focus on optimal alignment (whatever that looks like in your body). However, I tailor the way I put together flows and teach them in a way that suits you – meaning I can offer an active, power-style class, or a more gentle flow focused on flexibility and calm.

I’ve never done yoga before, are your group classes right for me?

Yes - my yoga is beginner-friendly, and my approach to offering it is to make it accessible to all. I will meet you where you are at in your yoga journey, even if its right at the beginning. You can schedule private 1:1 classes with me for the ultimate personalised experience, or, if you join one of my group classes, you will be offered options, modifications, and adjustments to suit you. You are in control of your yoga journey – I just provide the roadmap.

I am recovering from injury/not flexible/not strong/not fit, can I still do yoga?

Yes – I truly believe yoga is for everyone, and there is a way to offer it all people. If you have injuries or mobility issues, let me know: we can generally work around this. In some cases, you might be asked to provide further information, or get a medical clearance, but please do ask first.

I’m an athlete/runner/cyclist, how can yoga benefit me?

Yoga is an excellent addition to your training programme and can help you to realise your goals. I have run ultra marathons, marathons, half marathons and completed triathlons and yoga has been essential for that. Here are some of the benefits: recovery and rehabilitation, building strength, practising tools for breath regulation, resilience meditation, or building endurance. Talk to me about your goals, and I can tailor a programme that fits in with your training.

I want to gift a class to someone special, can I do this?

Yes – gift vouchers for 1:1 sessions are available online. If you would like something else specific, please let me know.

I’m pregnant, can I do yoga?

Yes - I have undertaken full specialist 85 hour prenatal yoga training (in addition to my 200 hour teacher training) and I can offer pregnancy yoga for all levels of yogi. Pregnancy yoga is beneficial because it helps strengthen the body and prepare it for birth, assists with building mobility, promotes calmness and stability while the body is changing, works with the changes you’re experiencing in your body, and helps to connect you with your breath and your baby. My private classes are tailored just for you, and mirror where your body is at in your pregnancy. My group pregnancy classes cater to all stages of pregnancy with modifications and options offered.

Do you offer online classes?

Yes – I have this capability, please enquire.

What do I need to do to prepare for a class?

Try not to eat anything too heavy in the 90 minutes before your session. Bring a water bottle and something warm (like a jumper and socks) for our final resting posture. I supply mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets. If you prefer to bring your own mat, you can. All of the equipment is sanitised before and after use. If you prefer to wear a mask while practising, please do. Arrive a few minutes early just to get settled, and remember that the final pose (savasana) is the most important pose in yoga. For many people, it is the only time they put aside for themselves to really reintegrate and reset. If you are going to leave early in a group class, please set up near the door and leave quietly, being mindful of this.