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The Studio

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Our purpose-built studio is located at the top of the Cluny Road steps.  Nestled in the trees, we practice our yoga to the sound of tui and kereru, with sweeping views over Karehana Park, Karehana Bay, Titahi Bay and Mana Island - all the inspiring parts of our Plimmerton community.

Please take note of the instructions below, for access to the Elements Yoga studio, including parking locations. Either option requires a 3-5 minute walk. We encourage you to take the time to familiarise yourself with the location so you can be on time.

DO NOT rely on Google Maps, as there is no access to the studio from the street address at Motuhara Road.

For clarity, the bottom of the Cluny Road stairs are located at around 14 Cluny Road. There are 160 steps, so give yourself time.

Elements Yoga - Studio Access.png
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